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Katrina Kaif

Vicky Kaushal’s Enchanting Birthday Vacation with Katrina Kaif: Awe-Inspiring Love-Filled Pics:

Vicky Kaushal’s Enchanting Birthday Vacation with Katrina Kaif In the pictures, the couple is seen posing happily by the seashore, with a picturesque backdrop amplifying their joy. Katrina was dressed in a radiant yellow outfit, while Vicky looked extremely attractive in a sky-blue shirt. The serene setting added to their happiness, creating a truly delightful…

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Nissanka and Theekshana: Sri Lanka’s Dynamic Duo Triumphs in Dominant Win over West Indies

Sri Lanka won by 8 wickets (with 34 balls remaining), emerged victorious in a warm-up match against West Indies in Harare, securing a comfortable win and setting the stage for the upcoming final against Netherlands. The match witnessed outstanding performances from Pathum Nissanka, who scored a consecutive century, and Maheesh Theekshana, who claimed an impressive…

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The Rise and Potential of Ideaforge Technology: An Overview of its Listing and Market Performance

The shares of Ideaforge Technology, a leading drone manufacturer, made a spectacular debut on Dalal Street on Friday, generating substantial wealth for investors during its first trading session. This article delves into the listing performance of Ideaforge Technology and examines the subsequent market behavior. We will also explore the opinions of experts and analysts regarding…

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni Joins Asian Footwear as Brand Ambassador: A Perfect Partnership for Style and Quality.

The collaboration between MS Dhoni and Asian Footwears forms a groundbreaking alliance, fusing reliability, resilience, and elegance. Mahendra Singh Dhoni : Delhi- grounded homegrown footwear brand Asian Footwears has lately appointed Indian justice legend MS Dhoni as its brand minister to enhance and strengthen its position in the footwear request.Alongside MS Dhoni, the renowned former…

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